October 13, 2014

"Greg Hood is a highly knowledgeable attorney in a variety of fields including Family Law and Bankruptcy. He went above and beyond what was needed to ensure that I had a fair say in court, giving me all of the right information to save me from some very corrupt people and their unfairness. Often working several cases at a time, and very late hours, Greg Hood is one of the best attorneys and family men I have ever had the priviledge to know. If I ever need legal help, I know where to go to get real help, really fast, from someone who cares and knows exactly what to do every time."
October 11, 2014

"Unfortunately I was one of the many victims of the economic downturn a few years back and lost my company of 10 years. It was the worst nightmare one could experience and I was lost. I was introduced to Greg by my accountant and it was the best thing that happened. Greg helped me through the bankruptcy and made it so seamless to the point that it was over and done with before I knew it. Not only did he protect my personal property but I actually re-established a very good credit rating just six months after the final closure. I also gained a very good friend and would definitely recommend Greg as a very diligent, trustworthy attorney who produces results."
August 31, 2014

"I found my self in a situation that I never expected. Stressed, scared and frankly freaking out, he got me calmed down, and dealt with my problems. After we talked about it and went over all the details, he went to work, and while I was on my way to the court house he called me to say everything was going to be OK. My case and my name was cleared. He has become more than just my attorney, he has become my friend. I have refereed him to a few friends since for bankruptcies and all swear by him and have gone on to refer more people."
August 30, 2014

"Greg has helped me in several issues and I was very happy with my end results! Greg went the extra mile for me in everything! He was very clear and informative with me I felt very assured and satisfied with his service and assistance! Thank You Greg Hood!"
August 30, 2014

"Greg Hood took care of a very important criminal charge for my son. This charge carried significant consequences, which could have could have affected my son for the rest of his life. Mr. Hood's thorough knowledge of Defense Law and great ability to litigate made this charge disappear before it even went to court. My son now has a clear record and a bright future to look forward to thanks to this great attorney."