What Is a “Wobbler Offense”?

A wobbler offense in Carlsbad, CA is a unique type of crime. Criminal acts that fall under this classification can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. In other words, they can “wobble” between the two types of crimes. A criminal defense attorney in Carlsbad, CA can assist those who are charged with wobbler offenses. […]

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Different Types of Coverages by Auto Insurance

For the most part, American auto insurance companies offer six different types of auto insurance coverage, and which type you pick will determine how much responsibility you have during and after an accident. They’re not necessarily priced separately, so before purchasing auto insurance, make sure that you know exactly what kind you’re getting and what […]

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How to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When you’re drowning in debt, filing for bankruptcy in Carlsbad, CA can help you alleviate some of your financial woes. Bankruptcy helps pay back at least part of the debt and makes it easier for you to make a fresh start. More Americans than ever have been considering this route due to COVID-19—is Chapter 7 […]

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